Light & Lethal Mallard Decoys
Light & Lethal Mallard Decoys
Light & Lethal Mallard Decoys
Light & Lethal Mallard Decoys
The Real Decoy

Light & Lethal Mallard Decoys

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Exceptional high definition decoys made of Deek-FLEX -- collapsible, extremely lightweight material that holds its form and detail. Less than 1/2 the weight of traditional decoys....easy to carry and deploy. If you want an easy to carry, packable decoy, you want Light & Lethal. Extremely quiet...Deek-FLEX has a natural sound absorbing quality. Decoys carved by award-winning carver and ornithologist Steven Fland...deadly accurate detail. Light & Lethal...the names says it all.

Light & Lethal Features:

- Less than 1/2 the weight of other decoys

- Exceptional HD detail, ducks love the look and so will you

- Packable DEEK-Flex material that hold form, looks great and easy to carry

- Proprietary painting process that locks on the paint-- field tested for 3 years

- Flocked heads on all drakes

What you get: 2 hens, 2 alert drakes flocked heads, 2 resting drakes flocked head...and great hunts!

Weight: 7 lbs


WILD HABIT is the only authorised seller of The Real Decoy products in NZ!