Goose Call | Signature Slayer Heritage
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Goose Call | Signature Slayer Heritage

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The “Signature Slayer” incorporates a shorter barrel that has speed, volume, tonal range, and superior air control. This call has a full deep goose tone that everyone looks for in a call, but also still allows you to get quick when needed. If you are looking for that BIG goose this is your call. Very easy to use with a lot of built-in back pressure. This call was used to win the 2010 “Champions of Champions” by World Champion Wade Walling. It will come standard with the OTE broke in gut system.

The Heritage series will consist of call models that we already have in our lineup but will be made with different materials such as Delrin or poured acrylic that in turn are more affordable for our customers. The calls have the same great sound and are super easy to use. We are trying to stay as close to our “Heritage” as possible, as you can see in our artwork that we based on the old school shotgun shell boxes and tin hunting signs!


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