Shoveler/Spoonbill Decoys 2pr
Shoveler/Spoonbill Decoys 2pr
Hard Core

Shoveler/Spoonbill Decoys 2pr

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 We don’t care what some people say, shooting Shovelers is awesome - a real trophy for any New Zealand waterfowler! The anticipation builds, are they teal or are they 'spoonies'!? The Hard Core Shovler decoys will add a true sense of realism to your spread and help you get the job done this season.  A great and easy way to have the edge over others in your area.

While the paint is not quite right for the New Zealand Shovler, the decoys is a great starting point for a slight touch up with aerosol or air brush. 

Please note, these will be sold as pairs and not in 6 packs as in America.  Price is for 2 decoys.

  • Armor Coated Paint (ACP™) System For Incredible Durability.
  • 3D Angled Paint Schemes Create Realistic Looks From All Angles.
  • DuraMold™ Bodies Will Hold Up In The Most Hard Core of Situations.
  • WhaleTail™ Keel Allows Decoy To Ride Evenly in Water & Creates Life-Like Movement With Little Current.

WILD HABIT is the only authorised seller of Hard Core products in NZ!