'Rugged' series | Magnum Black Duck 6pk
'Rugged' series | Magnum Black Duck 6pk
'Rugged' series | Magnum Black Duck 6pk
Hard Core

'Rugged' series | Magnum Black Duck 6pk

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 Thinking about adding some Black Ducks to your spread? We think you should too!

Are you looking for a decoy that can be seen from a mile high and will have those birds banking down into your spread? The Hard Core™ Magnum Black Duck decoys will make it happen! As our New Zealand Hybrids tend to be darker in colour than the North American ducks (where our decoys are mass produced for), the Magnum Black Ducks will add realism to your spread. The Hard Core Magnum Black Ducks will help your spread look like the real deal and add visibility in all hunting situations.


  • Life-like body postures.
  • Armor coated paint system for incredible durability.
  • New 3d angled paint scheme creates realistic looks from all angles.
  • Bodies will hold up in the most hard core of situations.


  • 3 Drake decoys
  • 3 Hen decoys

WILD HABIT is the only authorised seller of Hard Core products in NZ!