Rain Maker Goose Flag
Hard Core

Rain Maker Goose Flag

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Weve all be in that situation when it seems like the birds are just out of range. The Hard Core Rain Maker Canada Goose Flag can be the difference between just watching geese all day and walking out with a limit. The Rain Maker Canada Goose Flag can provide life-like motion to your Canada goose spread. The collapsible wing design allows for easy transport and storage. The golf club handle and lightweight design will keep your forearm from wearing out after a full day of flagging!


  • Collapsible Wing Design for Easy Trasport & Storage
  • Tough & Durable Fiberglass Wing Poles
  • Life-Like Design
  • Comfortable Golf Grip Handle & Flex Rod
  • Lightweight Fabric for All Day Flagging
  • Reinforced Wing Tips

A video explaining the benefits flagging can be viewed HERE

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