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Motion Ducks Anchor Bag

  • $1995

Your next duck hunt is a location that you have to hike into. You know how important decoy motion is in your spread, but you consider not bringing your spreader and jerk line because you don't want to pack in that heavy anchor. 

Our friend at Motion Ducks had the same thoughts, so created the "Anchor Bag". This bag is your anchor.

It packs in and out light, with virtually no weight to it. Fill the bag with rocks once you get to your hunting spot and use it as your anchor for our spreader and jerk systems. Or use it for any jerk line you already have.  

Use a lot of small rocks or one large rock, the choice it yours!  

This is perfect for the 'hike in hunter' who knows how important decoy motion is in the spread, but doesn't want to pack in that anchor along with all their gear.  You need that extra space and weight ready for the limit bag you are going to shoot, right!? 

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