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Goose Full Bodies - Hard Core 'Field' Series Feeder Pack

  • $29995


Full-body goose decoys need to have two things for you to have a successful hunting season. One, they need to be extremely lifelike to fool geese, and two; they need to be indestructibly durable. You’ll get all of that and more with the Hard Core Full Body Canada goose decoys. The DuraMold™ bodies offer amazingly realistic poses and the Hard Core A.C.P.™ Armor Coated Paint lasts for seasons of hard hunting. The TruMotion™ base system creates lifelike movement in your spread that will bring even the weariest birds in. The Feeder Six-Pack includes two Feeders, two Hungry Feeders, two Active Feeders and six TruMotion bases.


  • 2 Feeders
  • 2 Hungry Feeders
  • 2 Active Feeders
  • 6 TruMotion Bases

WILD HABIT is the only authorised seller of Hard Core products in NZ!

Please contact me directly at for potential collection of these decoys if you are either based in the top of the South Island or in the Waikato! 


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