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Goose Decoy Fins - 3 Pack

  • $1895

 A must if you hunt rivers, streams or tidal areas, add some of these to your decoys to bring them to life today!

These Goose Decoy Fins attach between your decoys and the anchors and use natural water current to add life-like movement to your decoys. They don't require motors, batteries, or wind. Their unique asymmetric design produces an incredible amount of side-to-side movement in your decoys. Add a few or a lot of these to your decoys to create the amount of total movement in your spread that works best for attracting birds in your area. These decoy fins do not require a fast moving current to be effective just as long as there is a current these fins will bring your decoys to life.

This package includes 3 magnum decoy fins suitable for goose or magnum-sized duck decoys. Package comes complete with three decoy fins, 3 heavy-duty snap rings, and six snap swivels (2 for each fin) to prevent tangled or twisted decoy lines.

To see Duck Decoy Fins in action, just click HERE!

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