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Full Body Black Duck - Hard Core 'Pro' Series Touch Down Pack

  • $19995


The Hard CoreFull Body Black Ducks will have the birds landing on the X this season. The TruMotion bases will bring life-like movement to the spread with the slightest breeze. The incredible detail offered by the light-weight molded shell, and realistic ArmorCoat paint scheme will make even the wariest of birds swing around and take another look.  Suited to the darker colour of our ducks in New Zealand, these black duck decoys provide excellent contrast and visibility in a variety of hunting situations. 


  • Base creates natural movement while preventing the decoy from spinning.
  •  Evenly balanced base prevents decoy from tipping over in high winds.


  • Life-like body postures.
  • Armor Coated Paint (ACP™) system for incredible durability.
  • New 3D angled paint scheme creates realistic looks from all angles.
  • Bodies will hold up in the most Hard Core of situations.


  • Different head positions allow for variation throughout the spread.
  • Natural life-like characteristics.

(Includes 1 Sentry Drake, 1 Calling Hen, 1 Sleeping Drake, 1 Resting Drake, 1 Feeding Drake, 1 Feeding Hen & 6 TruMotion Bases)

WILD HABIT is the only authorised seller of Hard Core products in NZ!

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