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Canada Goose Feather Flyer

Canada Goose Feather Flyer

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The movement imitates ducks and geese landing and creates a ‘follow the leader’ effect - real ducks or geese just follow these decoys into your kill zone.

Fully flocked so they won’t glare when wet. Flocked and painted by Don Mintz in the USA for ultimate realism and quality.

These decoys will move in the slightest of wind but will also handle strong winds that other motion decoys will not.

The decoys are weighted so won’t get stuck upside down after a gust of wind and they don’t create any noise to spook wary birds.

The wings disconnect from the body for transportation. The wings are joined by elasticated cord so there is no chance of a wing falling off while you are hunting.

Feather Flyers have been created by Ron Latschaw – inventor of the layout blind and founder of Final Approach. Feather Flyer decoys are available exclusively through Wild Habit in New Zealand.

This auction includes 1 Feather Flyer with adapter cap to fit into a round 20mm diameter pole.

You need to make you own pole and ground stake (or buy a ground stake from us). The poles are easy to make: simply purchase a 2.5 metre length of round 20mm aluminum tube from your local hardware store (about $17). Cut to the desired length I would recommend 60cms – 1.3m. Grab a $4 test pot of paint and paint it to your desired colour. To make your own ground stake you can use a piece of steel reinforcing bar about 40 – 60cms in length which you can hammer into the ground or purchase a stake from us.

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