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Waterfowl Rucksack Bag

Waterfowl Rucksack Bag

  • $8995

A Ruck-Sack is used throughout the world for many different jobs. Some are used for military operations, camping, and search and rescue missions so why not make one just for the Hard Core waterfowl hunter! The Waterfowl Ruck-Sack Bag has multiple compartments to store all your gear and even attaches to trees with ease. Carrying all the waterfowl gear into your hunting area comfortably is made possible with the adjustable back pack straps allowing the user to lift or lower the load on their back. Any waterfowl hunter knows that things can get messy and wet while out in the field, so Hard Core designed this Ruck-Sack with a hard plastic waterproof bottom to protect important gear inside. A great feature on this bag is the easy open and shut clips which keep noise levels low when accessing your hunting gear, especially when game is nearby.  When the day is over and the hunt was a success, the Waterfowl Ruck-Sack Bag has game haul straps to help move your hard core work conveniently back to the kitchen.

  • Adjustable Back Pack Straps
  • Game Haul Straps
  • Attaches to Tree
  • Multiple Compartments
  • Hard Plastic Waterproof Bottom
  • Easy Open & Shut Clips
  • Great For Hiking into Your Hunting Area

Check out this video of just how much you can fit in this rucksack!! 

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